Busy Weekend & Beautiful Weather!
Spring is FINALLY here and if you couldn't tell by all the beautiful azaleas decorating the Broadmoor and Highland area, you will be able to tell on pretty much ANY road this weekend. Turner and McCoy have already outlined all the events here, and rest assured, the weather is going to be perfec…
City Girl Meets 6 Acres of Grass (no, really)
I love being in the country. So far, my favorite part about being in the country, is the fact that I am too far away for someone to come looking for me. By the time someone gets to Ringgold they are either going to get lost or give up. This is in my benefit...
Warm Weather Means Plant Those Rose Bushes
Why wait for the official start of Spring, which is March 20th (17 days from now) when its already 73 degrees at 5 o'clock in the morning and in the 80s during the afternoons? It MUST be time to start planting your rose garden.
The Best Time of Year!!
Spring in the Ark-La-Tex is the best! (Other than the pollen.) What activities do you most look forward to during this time of year?