Saving Money

The Best Time To Buy Almost Anything
There is a time and place to save money on just about anything you want to buy. You already know the places you like to shop, here's when you need to shop those places for the best deals of the year.
Extreme Couponing – For Normal People [VIDEO]
Okay, I LOVE SAVING MONEY!! My tragic downfall is I am historically unorganized and have a very short attention span - two major hindrances to being a successful coupon-er. Having only seen a few clips from TLC's 'Extreme Couponing', I have realized that it is quite unrealistic for "normal"…
Finding The Best Deals In The Ark – La – Tex
Do you remember double and triple coupon days? I guess that is what started my fascination with saving money. I honestly believe the sense of joy I get from saving might be comparable to that of someone who just won the Powerball. . .even if it is a couple of dollars.