6 Things My Foster Dog Has Taught Me
The 6 year old blonde beauty still hasn't learned to walk on a leash, she isn't potty trained, and has some skin issues we are working to get rid of. However I have learned a lot from a little yorkie with a can do attitude in the past couple days.
4 Signs Your Dog Is Your Valentine
While your dog isn't thrilled about reading a sweet card maybe consider dropping by the pet store and bringing a bone, a treat, or an annoying squeaky toy home for the loyal Valentine. Here are 4 signs that your dog is most definitely your Valentine this year.
Olive, the Dog Child Needs Your Help
I am sure I can't be the only crazy dog parent out there! When I made the move to Kiss Country I had to break it to my dog child Olive that her  roommate Tripp the golden retriever wasn't joining us. He and his mommy who is one of my best friends moved cities too, and not joining us i…