Kiss Club VIP Pizza Party
Last week in the Kiss Club VIP Newsletter, we invited a few of our VIP's to come hang out with us at the Kiss Country studio and enjoy some pizza and some new CD's.
Menarche Party – Would You Ever Do This For Your Child?
When I read about the new trend of throwing "Menarche Parties" for young girls experiencing their first menstrual cycles my mouth dropped open into the completely shocked position. What do you do at a menarche party? You play pin the ovaries on the uterus of course. (I'm not j…
How To Cure Your Super Bowl Hangover
Most all of us will be glued to the television Sunday evening for the Super Bowl...that is, those of us who haven't passed out from all the pre-bowl festivities.  Along with the buffalo wings and Rotel dip, thousands of Americans will have one or six too many.  And it happens in spite…
Shreveport/Bossier New Year’s Parties
If there's one thing we do better than anybody, it would have to be "P-A-R-T-Y"!! And NOBODY rocks in the New Year like we if you still haven't quite decided what to do tonight, here's a quick rundown of some of the area events.

Am Legion New Year's Eve Party
Saturday, December 31 @ …
Living Under a Field Stone
Ok, so I live under a field stone and didn’t see Rebecca Black “Friday” on the first go round. Now I have seen the You Tube video that “…beat out anything to do with  Occupy, the Presidential election, two wars, Steve Jobs, spor…

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