Will Hollywood South Rise Again?
Ever since the original Tarzan Of The Apes was filmed in Morgan City in 1917, Louisiana has been a favorite location for movie and television directors.  With its diverse scenery from swamps to antebellum houses to public and private college campuses and urban environments, our state can s…
Is “Hollywood South” Dead?
Just three years ago, more movies and television shows were being filmed in Louisiana than in any other state in the U.S.  The film industry was so big here, that the Pelican State was dubbed "Hollywood South."  As the old adage goes, "Fame is fleeting,"…
No Superheroes In This Year’s Oscars
Well, bummer.  Yesterday I was pretty optimistic about Deadpool's chances of getting an Oscar nomination for Best Picture and/or Best Actor, but it wasn't to be. The big vote-getter was a musical of all things!  La La Land landed 14 nominations which ties it w…
Is She Pregnant Again?
A source tells Us Weekly Jessica Simpson is pregnant, noting, “It definitely wasn’t planned.