Get Fit, Get Connected With REFIT
There's a new workout program in the local area that promotes health and wellness along with a strong sense of community. It's called REFIT®. It was founded by three women in Waco, TX, and is taking the fitness world by storm!
Massage Robot On Wheels Could Disrupt Massage Industry, Or Not
Robot technology is often spectacular when's it's on full display, like the Mars rover, military drones and the Roomba. These incredible machines often complete tasks that humans can only hope to achieve. One company is putting robotic technology to its best use yet: providing automated ma…
Nike Greatness Commercial — Best Ad Ever! [VIDEO]
Nike is known for hiring some of the biggest names in sports for their commercials. It's no surprise to see super fit, super tan, super fabulous looking athletes sweating and making it look easy during a Nike commercial. However, that is not what you'll see in this commercial.
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson In Shreveport
Wednesday night my oldest son, Buddy, texted me and said "Dad, you're not gonna believe who I'm working out with right now".  While I was hoping for Christie Brinkley, I was excited for my son to find out it was "The Rock", Dwayne Johnson.

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