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Russell Thornberry’s “Butt Ugly Baby” [VIDEO]
This past Saturday night, First Baptist Church in Haughton held it's annual "Big Buck Banquet" and the featured speaker this year was nationally renowned sports writer/singer/songwriter Russell Thornberry.  Along with a moving Christian testimony, Russell spoke of his num…
Desoto Parish Man Stops Love In It’s Tracks
Normally when the story starts off with "You ain't gonna believe this"...then don't!  But in this case, there are too many witnesses and even video to support the story....but "you ain't gonna believe this". Pictured is my "Uncle Gary&…
Youth Deer WEEK Begins This Saturday October 8
Are YOU ready for this weekend?  I know the McCoy boys are raring to go. This Saturday is the start of Youth Deer WEEK in Area 2 of North Louisiana. That's right...a full WEEK for the kids this year.  Starting this Saturday, October 8 and running through next Friday, October 14.
It’s Almost Hunting Season In North Lousiana
With the River Run ATV Park and Pieworks of Bossier Sportsman's Expo now only 2 weeks off, a little chill went up my spine.  It was the same feeling a 6 year old gets about 9am on Christmas Eve.  It's ALMOST HUNTING SEASON!