Dance Fest 2014 Set For August 26
The Southern Swingers Square Dance Club and the Red River Rounders Round Dance Club will hold Dance Fest 2014 on August 26 at the Promenade Hall at 5400 Benton Road in Bossier City.
Daily Funny: Dancing Edition – Wedding Entrance
The wedding video for today's Daily Funny has over 80 million views on youtube.  This video and the couple were featured on the Today Show and it spawned a bunch of other wedding parties to do similar choreographed entrances.  The couple is Jill and Kevin, the video is priceless...
Daily Funny: Dancing Edition – Funny Fat People Dancing
Dancers are usually in great shape, and have great bodies... take Julianne Hough for instance.  But when there's a little extra meat on the bone... there's a little extra dancing to watch.  Enjoy these "dancers" getting jiggy jiggly with it on today's Daily…

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