Groupon just released a mass of data on cities that buy the most beauty and health treatments in the country.  Congratulations Shreveport we came out on top when it comes to tanning and cellulite reduction. Our neighbors just to the south of us in Baton Rouge was No. 1 for teeth whitening.

If you ask us that’s better than living in Columbus, Georgia which leads the U.S. in buying colon hydrotherapy sessions. Which really means, it's the enema capital of the country. In the end Green Bay, Wisconsin buys the most overall health and beauty treatments overall and has been named the “Most Pampered City in America”

Here are more of America's leaders in health and beauty treatments:

Dallas buys the most steam baths

Daytona Beach,Florida has the most spider vein removals.

Denver buys the most weight loss programs.

Fort Worth buys the most cryotherapy

Orange County,California has the most people going to beauty school.

San Francisco has the most people doing juice cleanses.

Santa Barbara,California buys the most hair restorations.