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I Finally Tried That 30 Minute Sleep Drink!
I will always be a skeptic until I try something. Som Sleep proved me wrong, I honestly thought they were just trying too hard with the marketing, Som Sleep's claim to 30 minutes or less is no joke.
Should I Cover Up My Grey Hair?
I know once you start dying your hair on the regular it's a serious investment from then on. Ladies, have any of you gotten grey hair before 30? If so what did you do?
No, There Aren't Sharks in Hurricane Florence
This viral photo has sent several people into a panic. I don't know if sharks get super powers if they're inside a hurricane, but I can reassure you that there aren't any Sharknado's heading to the Carolina's.
2 Teens Rob Gas Station While Clerk Suffers Heart Attack
The Auburn Police Department claims that the teens stole cigarettes and $178. This was all done while the clerk laid there battling for his life. At one point you see a teen step over the clerk to try and raid the register.
Rainy Day Date Night Ideas
Instead of both of you sighing and complaining about being stuck at home again, try out these simple date night ideas.
Woman Makes Some Serious Cash on Tinder
Clearly, Missouri Western State University student Maggie Archer listened and took notes when it came to how you can make some easy money using the tools you already have. By tools I mean apps, not men, well maybe I mean both.
Help Me With New Ideas in the Kitchen
Whenever I get on Pinterest for a quick easy recipe it's either the most calorie packed snack that can't really count as a meal or it's requiring me to pick up 87 different ingredients.
Things Men Should Never Say to a Woman
"Okay calm down it's not that big of a deal, you're over reacting again." Okay, seriously? That is supposed to make me "relax"? I went around the office asking several men what they've said that threw their significant other over the rail. Here are some direct quot…