Imagine you just picked up a half a billion bucks right here at Christmas!  I'm betting Santa couldn't haul all the presents you'd buy if he and all the elves had 100 reindeer working round the clock for the next year.  Well, that's what tonight's 10:00 p.m. Mega Millions Lottery is worth! 

It's the fourth largest lottery prize in history and considering that Mega Millions only costs $1 to play as compared to Power Ball's $2 tickets, it's an even better investment.  That's what the lottery is, is an investment, right?

If you're unfamiliar with Mega Millions, I pulled up their website and found this.

Players may pick six numbers from two separate pools of numbers - five different numbers from 1 to 75 and one number from 1 to 15 - or select Easy Pick. You win the jackpot by matching all six winning numbers in a drawing.

The jackpots start at $15 million and grow by a minimum of $5 million per draw each time the jackpot rolls.

Well, looking at their graph below and the actual odds of winning, it's easy to see why that jackpot has "rolled" so many times.  Wow!  The odds are greater that a Brinks truck will mistakenly think your house is a bank and drop of a couple hundred bags of cash on your front step.

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But, tonight or some night, somebody will win it.   If you're playing, good luck.  And if you win,  just remember it was us who reminded you to get a ticket.  I mean, it is Christmas you know.