Reigning CBR bull rider Cole Echols joined us in the studio this morning and had a friendly competition with Julie K. that involved several 8-second challenges concocted by Gary that included smelling deer urine, tasting hot sauce and eating sardines. Suffice to say, neither contestant walked away unscathed.

Challenge no. 1 was a simple one: putting on mascara without a mirror. Of course, Julie is a pro and easily trounced Cole, who got an A (plus a blotch of black on his eye) for effort.

Gary stepped up with the next challenge, breaking out some hot sauce. The results? Both contestants wincing in agony as they ate some of it slathered on a chip.

Challenge no. 3 is where things really ramped up, however. Gary brought with him -- in a plastic bag, no less -- a bottle of deer pee. After warning Julie not to spill it and risk ruining the studio forever, the opponents proceeded to see who could smell the urine the longest. They both, somehow, managed to go the full eight seconds!

For Challenge no.4, both Julie and Cole were handed a container of sardines in mustard sauce. The results? Well, let's just say Julie had to leave the studio.

And to wrap up the eight-second challenge, Gary whipped out a can of shaving cream and a razor.

"I think I'm going to pass on this," Cole said. We don't blame him!

Thanks so much to Cole Echols for being such an amazing sport. Good luck at the Tufe Hedeman Louisiana Shootout Saturday, March 29 at the CenturyLink Center, Cole!

Watch the hilarious eight-second challenge video below (skip to the 3-minute mark if you want to see Julie get sick!)