Did Sugarland quietly break up? Jennifer Nettles has understandably been away from the music scene for a bit after giving birth to her first child Magnus late last year. It is, however, a little odd that both she and her Sugarland partner Kristian Bush have both decided to put out solo albums.

Kristian released “Love or Money” earlier this year in the UK and Europe alone. And now, Jennifer is following suit with plans to release her solo album later this year.

The duo continues to say Sugarland is not breaking up, but if not then why the separate albums? Jennifer makes it sound like she was bored with the same old sound.

"I didn't want to stagnate and turn into a caricature of an artist. I wanted to put something out that was fresh, and to me, exciting," she said, adding: "I think this album plays to my roots. There's country, gospel, 70s music, singer-songwriter stuff, as well. It has been a joy to get to explore those parts of myself."

The album's first single is called "That Girl" and is being released August 19.