For those who think that hunters are cruel, heartless cavemen, here's living proof that some hunters will even risk their own safety to preserve an animal and never give a thought to shooting him. 

I ran across this video by Bow Madness Outdoors, LLC and it's something you've just got to witness for yourself.  Here's a quote directly from their Facebook page.

 THIS IS NOT A TAME DEER OR A HAND FED DEER ... We found two bucks in the wild locked together.  One was dead and this buck was still alive.  We released this buck from the other buck and he wouldn't leave.  We were trying to gut the other buck and get him out of the woods but this buck kept standing 5 ft away and staring at us.  He changed us twice as we were trying to Shewww him away.  We could have shot him at any time but decided to unlock them and let him go.  We risked our own safety to give this buck a chance at survival.