Friday night was opening night at Margaritaville for Thom Kaz and the Hypnaughty show and it was spectacular. 

The comic hypnotist brings the entire audience to tears on a number of occasions as he takes his "volunteers" through a full assortment of hilarious actions while they're under his hypnotic spell.

A number of us from Townsquare Media were in attendance for the opening night show including Kiss Country's own Chris D and Tim Fletcher from 1130 The Tiger.

As you can tell from the pictures, they were completely out!

Photo by Gary McCoy


Photo by Gary McCoy

Hypnaughty will make regular weekend appearances for the next several weeks and it's certainly a great night of entertainment.

Please note that there's a little rough language and some very adult situations, but all in all, it's certainly not as rough as some of the cable tv shows out there these days.

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