Sometimes you just need to vent. Other times you just need to confess your dirty deed and get on with it. We want you to be able to clear your conscience as well as your car. Why not have a clean car and a clear conscience? You probably need a Car Wash Confession. Here is how Car Wash Confession's work, you submit your confession in the link below. All we need is a phone number that works for you and a "name". Yeah this is where you can use a fake name, or an alias.  Tell us your dirty deed, and maybe clearing your conscience will clean that love bug infested car of yours.


Maybe you're a 35 year old man who watches "Hannah Montana" on the regular. Maybe you dated your boyfriends cousin years ago and you both have yet to break it to your boyfriend. We aren't hear to judge you, we may laugh, but we never judge. Submit your confession below!

Car Wash Confessions

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