Daily Distraction

Woman Crush Wednesday Goes to Carly Pearce
Carly Pearce just scored her first ever number one with "Every Little Thing", Pearce's Every Little Thing album was released mid October and it has been a huge tease for many of her fans, what is her next radio hit?
Man Crush Monday Goes to Brett Eldredge
If you have yet to follow Brett Eldredge on Snapchat, you should. Every once in awhile he will perform a Bed Head Jam, yes ladies, he sings to us with horrid hair as he's getting ready to fall asleep and it is wonderful. Rick Diamond Getty Images To top it off his dog Edgar is the sweetest, he …
Buck Yeah!
Have you taken your kids hunting yet? Have they gotten their first deer? Post the photo in the comments below, and tell us about your little one and their first hunting experience.
Leg Wrestling Cheater?
When a video of Hillary taking on Mary Catherine was posted, Greg who loves wrestling noticed something in the video and riled up many people in the office.

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