Best Of Shreveport

Operation Santa Claus Is Here!
In many cases the Operation Santa Claus gifts are the only gifts that these children receive. If you want to donate and unwrapped toy you can do so over the course of the next couple weeks.
Who Are the Shreveport Celebrities?
I was told "When you see Disco Dale you will know who he is as soon as you see him!" Apparently there is also a guy named Mickey who everyone knows around town. There is a guy named Tim Huck?
East Texan Headed to Shreveport American Idol Auditions
"Jonah stood out because he's a songwriter, the audience was vibing off of his energy and clapping and cheering him on" said Payne. Jonah Gonzales was shocked when he was announced as East Texas Idol "It means the world to me that my family and people I love where there." he…

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