Bristol’s Rescue Dog Cyrus Watches TV [VIDEO]
As we sat back to our enjoy our 4th of July holiday watching 'A Dog's Purpose' and thanking the Lord above for all of the wonderful perks of being an American today, like electricity, air conditioning, freedom and things like that... Bristol finally caught their rescue dog on camera b…
Keep Your Pet Safe This Fourth of July
The top three holidays for pet emergencies are Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Fourth of July. The loud startling scary noises that come from fire works can harm your pets well being. So many cases are reported of dogs jumping fences and getting loose during outdoor activities...
Bristol’s Babies: Meet Buster!
The second I saw Buster, I knew I had to post about him! Doesn't he just look like a furry bundle of love?!?! He's available now for adoption at Pet Savers Shrevepo
Olive, the Dog Child Needs Your Help
I am sure I can't be the only crazy dog parent out there! When I made the move to Kiss Country I had to break it to my dog child Olive that her  roommate Tripp the golden retriever wasn't joining us. He and his mommy who is one of my best friends moved cities too, and not joining us i…

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