David Parker...it's a name that strikes fear into fish all over the South.  David has fished Bass tournaments since the sport came into being 40 years ago and if he didn't win the tournament, he was certainly near the top.  He's given countless fishing seminars, worked on the board of the former Bass Research Foundation and current Bass Life Associates.  Fished in local bass clubs.  He's even spent the last several Christmas seasons making appearances as Santa Claus.  And he's always done everything with style...what I call "David Parker Style".  David Parker is my friend. (I got the better end of that friendship)  I've always called him the World's Oldest Hippie, but only because he deserved it... And now, David Parker has cancer.  And I'm hoping that you'll help my friend.  Please join us this Sunday afternoon, October 23rd for a Bass Tournament and get together to raise funds and help pay medical costs for David. He is going through intensive treatment of radiation and Chemotherapy in his battle.  The activities will be held at  Red River South Marina. There will be fish plates available for purchase provided by SHOCKLEYS CATERING BEGINNING AT 4:30. MUSIC, PROVIDED BY THE NOMADS, WILL BEGIN AT 4.
The tournament hours are - Start fishing at 1 P.M. be in the weigh in line by 6 P.M.
You may fish alone or with a partner. There is a 3 fish limit and they must be kept alive. (1/2 lb. penalty for a dead fish.)
Registration will be at Red River South, and begin at 11:30 the morning of the tournament. You may trailer. Fishing must be on the Red River in pool 4 or 5. First cast at 1. The weigh in line will close at 6. All live fish must be released back into the river.
There is an optional $20 big bass pot. The prize for the biggest bass will be a guided fishing trip to LAKE OF THE HEARTLANDS 10-10 WITH MIKE ECHOLS.
The tournament entry fee is $80. These entry fees, as well as the big bass fees, will go back to David - 100%. There will be prizes given for first through many places.
Even if you're not interested in fishing the tournament, plan to bring the family and listen to the music, eat some fish, watch the weigh in, and enjoy the company.
Donations for David will be accepted, and appreciated. To make a donation, offer support, or for any questions please call:
George Hodges - 318-465-6651            Randy Farrar - 318-208-6008
Dennis Mitchel  318-458-7653            Walt Adams - 318-268-9061