Can Julie's dog Balla Poo predict this year's Super Bowl winner?

The world's most accurate football predicting camel has made its Super Bowl pick. Princess, a camel in New Jersey who has accurately predicted six of the past seven Super Bowl winners, is at it again.

To make the picks, a zookeeper holds a graham cracker in each hand. Each graham cracker corresponds to one of the teams. Whichever one Princess eats first is the pick. This year she's going with the Baltimore Ravens over the San Francisco 49ers.

That got us thinking: if a camel can do it, can Julie’s dog, Balla Poo?

We decided to put her to the test. Julie gave Balla a choice of two of the exact same rawhides. Below is the video of Balla choosing the winner of this year’s Super Bowl.

Does she choose the Ravens or 49ers? Watch the video to find out.