Seems like airlines have always gotten the short end of the stick and got lumped in with divorce attorneys and crooked politicians, and in some cases, rightfully so.  But this airline just pulled an Oprah Winfrey and it's one of the coolest stunts we've ever heard of.  The Canadian airline WestJet spent the last four months preparing for their  "Christmas Miracle" stunt and they played it to perfection.  

WestJet set up a "virtual Santa" station at two different airports, where passengers and their kids could talk to a video screen and tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas.  Because people were looking for ways to kill time while waiting for their flight, they did it.  And to their amazement, when they landed and got to the baggage claim, their presents came out on the conveyor belt, wrapped, with their NAMES on them.

As the story unfolds, we found out that while the passengers were in the air, the airline sent 150 volunteers store to store to buy the items people had asked for.  And some of these were big ticket items.  One child got an Android tablet, a family got a 50 inch big screen television and several other passengers got free flights home for the holidays.

And then there were those people who just thought the "virtual Santa" was all fun and games and they had no idea they'd actually receive what they asked for, so their requests were a little off the mark.  Like one guy who asked for socks and underwear; and that's exactly what he got.  But still, he seemed thoroughly excited with his gift.

Take a look below at all the incredible reactions as WestJet had cameras hidden all over the place and posted the video to YouTube.